Top-end bike pinched


Burglar targets hotels

Police are hunting a burglar who they believe has targeted six hotels in the past week. 

Jewellery, cash, wallets, handbags, suitcases and other goods worth thousands of dollars have been stolen in the incidents. 

In one burglary, at The Glebe on Beetham Street on Monday, a diamond ring, three gold rings, other jewellery, a laptop and an iPhone were taken. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “We think they are all related. In some cases he has entered unlocked doors, in others he has broken a window with a rock. 

“He has used the Frankton Track as an escape route and some of the items he has discarded have been found there. 

“We want to hear from workers at other hotels, who may have seen a suspicious person snooping around. Perhaps a door has been found open, or somebody has reported something as missing not realising it has been stolen.” 

On Tuesday morning, the burglar entered an apartment at Oaks Shores on Frankton Road. The owner was working on his computer and thought it was a friend coming home. 

The burglar picked up a bag and handbag and then walked into the room where the man was sitting. 

He ran off down the Frankton Track, chased by the owner in his bare feet. 

The burglar eventually dropped the stolen goods. 

He is described as having olive skin, short dark hair and an athletic build. He is around 183cm tall, clean shaven and was wearing dark clothing and black gloves. 

Other burglaries have occurred at the Copthorne Lakefront and The Point Apartments. 

Dopey gambler drops drugs 

A seaman was arrested after dropping a bag of methamphetamine in a casino. 

The 27-year-old Queenstown man was gambling at the town centre establishment at around 8pm on Friday. 

He was spotted dropping a ziplock bag containing white powder. Officers were able to recognise him from security 

The man was given diversion for possession of a controlled drug, as he had not been in trouble with police before. 

Noise argument turns nasty 

Two French women have been charged with assault after an argument with a pair of English girls about noise in a backpacker dorm room. 

The women, aged 29 and 26, were arrested at Base Backpackers shortly after midnight on Tuesday. 

They are accused of attacking two English sisters, both aged 23. 

Drader says: “The 29-year-old has allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat pulling her to the floor. 

“The other has allegedly punched the victim in the face, causing swelling to the left eye.” 

Both are due to appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday.