Top cop pinged at 149kmh


A senior Queenstown cop has been pinged for speeding at an astonishing 149kmh and suspended from driving on the spot. 

Sergeant Ian Collin, Queens­town’s first dedicated police prosecutor, also faces an internal code of conduct inquiry after being clocked doing 49kmh more than the speed limit. 

He was driving a police car at the time of the incident – understood to have happened on April 28 in a 100kmh zone between Cromwell and Queenstown. 

Cromwell senior constable Terry Saunders, who caught Collin, suspended him from driving for 28 days and dished out a fine – in the region of $600. 

Police inspector Richard Bruce, the Christchurch-based southern regional manager for prosecutions, confirms: “An infringement notice has been issued and the police code of conduct process has been initiated. 

“It’s an internal way of dealing with conduct within the police. 

“It’s got a range of outcomes and I can’t go into what they are – like any employment matter.” 

Bruce wouldn’t comment on Collin’s driving ban. 

To get an instant 28-day suspension, a driver must be doing 40kmh above the limit. The maximum fine is $630. 

Queenstown station boss, senior sergeant John Fookes, wouldn’t discuss the matter, saying Collin reports to the police prosecutions section, not him. 

Collin didn’t respond to Mountain Scene messages. 

A police source says: “You can imagine someone doing 110 or 120, but you hear a really big score like that and you think ‘what’s going on there?’ 

“He’s been rather sheepish about it. Initially, everybody was talking about it. He’s actually a good guy.” 

Collin started in January as the police prosecutor for Queenstown and Alexandra district courts – he presents police evidence before judges. 

The new position is aimed at lightening the load of Invercargill and Dunedin prosecutors. 

Collin is originally from the United Kingdom, where he spent 10 years policing before moving to Auckland. He was a detective before becoming a prosecutor.