Top 10 Turn-Offs For Women



#1 Arrogance
Yes, women like a man whos confident and knows what he wants. But theres a line, and too many men cross it, thinking that bragging about your salary, looks or success with other women is what impresses girls. On a first date, a woman would like to hear about you not the model of your car or how much you spent on your sound system.

#2 B.O.
Theres just no excuse. You live in a modern society where showers and deodorant are freely available. You wouldnt expect a woman to turn up a to a date smelling like a farmyard, so dont do it yourself.

#3 Hairy backs
Contrary to some mens opinion, women dont like something to grab on to! Get it waxed. Dont try that old excuse that waxing is girlie loads of men do it, they just dont talk about it!

#4 Scruffiness
You might think its cute and alternative to turn up to a nice restaurant in ripped jeans and battered sneakers your date is thinking that you cant be bothered to make the effort, and that you dont know how to dress appropriately for an occasion. Think about what message your clothes are sending out, and smarten up.

#5 Inability to listen

Yes, this one goes both ways, but try to lead by example. Your partner wants to know shes being heard and that you care about what shes saying. Show this by turning off the Playstation, putting down the beer, and giving her your full attention.

#6 Being a mummys boy

Getting your washing done by your mother when youre in your late 20s just isnt sexy. No one wants a boyfriend who cant look after himself, and too close a relationship with your mum will mean any woman wont want to get near for fear of the competition.

#7 Flirting with other women
Its just not cool. If you like someone, dont sleaze on other people in front of them. Its as simple as that.

#8 Insensitivity
Women are usually more emotional than men thats something youre going to need to accept if you want to date them. Women also communicate in much more subtle ways, and may get upset by things you consider small. Dont belittle your partners feelings try to step into their shoes instead. Telling someone theyre being silly is never going to make them feel better.

#9 Sexism
Newsflash telling sexist jokes to the very sex that youre mocking isnt going to get them on your side. It implies youre insecure and cant deal with women. Real men are comfortable with women as equals, so save the cracks about housework for, well, never.

#10 Laziness
A man who cant be bothered to tidy the house, pick up his socks or get a job is not going to be high on anyones list of eligible bachelors. Not pulling your weight financially or around the house is going to label you Major Burden and keep women at bay.

So gents off you go now in the dating world, hopefully smooth-backed and smelling fresh, ready to listen and with your laundry all up to date. Remember what youve heard here and you cant go wrong.