Too drunk to remember drive


A Colombian kitchen-hand was so hammered he has no memory of a “shocker” of a dangerous drive into a popular Queenstown suburb.

Cristian Esteban Moreno Lagos had a blood alcohol level of 267mg on June 23 when he was found in Fernhill – that’s the equivalent of 1335mcg in breath, more than five times the legal limit.

In the Queenstown District Court last Friday, community magistrate Simon Heale told Lagos he had exhibited a “catalogue of appalling driving” which could have killed someone.

The 28-year-old drove from Shotover Street to his house in Fernhill at 7pm on the final night of the Queenstown Winter Festival.

On the short journey, he crashed into another car and drove over a pedestrian island, taking out two handrails. He continued on, with no lights and his bumper dragging on the asphalt.

He also drove through a pedestrian crossing without stopping, cut off another car, and weaved across Lake Esplanade into the opposite lane and back, hitting the kerb on the left.

Police found him passed out in his car, parked across a driveway. He was too drunk to even provide a breath sample. He couldn’t provide any explanation and couldn’t remember driving at all.

Lawyer Liam Collins said the incident was the definition of a “shocker”, and the defendant labelled it the worst decision of his life.

He’d since sold his car and felt “sick” about what he’d done.

Heale said the fact he had no memory of the incident was “doubtless a testament to the very high reading you had when you drove”.

For failing to stop following a non-injury accident he was ordered to pay $400 reparation, for dangerous driving he was ordered to pay $660 reparation and for drink-driving he was fined $1500.

On each charge he was disqualified for 12 months, to be served concurrently, after which he was ordered to apply for a zero alcohol licence.

Other drink-drivers

Callum Brett Beker, 21, driver, of Kelvin Heights, 969mcg, Frankton Road, May 11, six-month ban, zero alcohol licence ordered, careless driving, $3000 reparation.

Esplendor Empireo Evangelista, 54, of Queenstown, 854mcg, Yewlett Cres, June 29 at Queenstown, fined $800, disqualified 28 days, ordered to apply for alcohol interlock.

Nicholas John Pyman, 25, builder, of Lower Shotover, 733mcg, Frankton Rd, August 8 at Queenstown, fined $500, six-month ban.

Maria Victoria Domizi, 25, of Queenstown, 574mcg, Hallenstein St, July 28, fined $400, six-month ban.