‘Tis the season to say ‘Golly, aren’t you…?’

By Eck: Aaron Eckhart and Shotover Jet driver Rachael Woodhead PICTURE: SHOTOVER JET

Celebrity season has opened in Queenstown.

Batman actor Aaron Eckhart snuck into the resort last week.

Other big names spotted in Queenstown in recent days are Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead), Sacha Baron Cohen, better known for his Ali G and Borat personas, and his actress wife Isla Fisher.

Eckhart – who starred in The Dark Knight, part of the Batman film franchise, and Sully – booked a Shotover Jet ride last week.

Private tour: Woodhead drives Aaron Eckhart and his companion PICTURE: SHOTOVER JET
Private tour: Woodhead drives Eckhart and his companion PICTURE: SHOTOVER JET

Boss Jolanda Cave says the actor was “blown away” by Queenstown’s scenery, interested in how jetboats worked and keen to find out more about the environment and history.

“Aaron was such a nice guy and he was happy to take photos with customers and the staff.”

Morgan also took a blast on the Shotover River, reporting on social media he had the “best day ever” in New Zealand.

Otago Daily Times