Tired trampers emerge from Kepler shelter


Four Australian trampers have emerged unscathed after spending the night in an alpine shelter on Fiordland’s Kepler Track.

Department of Conservation senior ranger Ken Bradley, of Te Anau, says the four are “good as gold” this morning after their night in the shelter between the Luxmore and Iris Burn huts. 

He understands the trampers, who are in their fifties, decided to stay at the shelter after delaying their start from Luxmore Hut because of rain. Some of them were also tired.

Bradley: “They were seen by other people to be a bit slow.

“They’ve just overestimated their physical capability.”

The group walked to Iris Burn Hut this morning and will continue to Moturau Hut today.

Two Canadian men were killed in an avalanche on the Kepler Track in July.