Tindall revisits Queenstown booze up


Former England rugby star Mike Tindall has again opened up to a British sports paper about ‘that night’ in Queenstown.

Tindal told The Rugby Paper he regrets the drinking scandal during 2011’s Rugby World Cup which brought about an unhappy end to his England career.

“I should never have got as drunk as I did, and that’s something I have to deal with,” Tindall reportedly told The Rugby Paper journalist Nick Cain.

“It’s not how you would want anything to turn out.”

British tabloid The Sun broke the story about Tindall’s boozy night out with team-mates in September 2011 after a win against Argentina.

Then Queenstown bouncer Jonathan Dixon uploaded to YouTube some CCTV footage of Tindall cavorting with an ex-girlfriend in resort bar Altitude.

The footage of Tindall, who’d just married royal Zara Phillips six weeks earlier, created a media frenzy.

England players were attending a light-hearted dwarf throwing contest that night.

Tindall explained to Cain: “We had that night out, but I didn’t wake up the next morning saying ‘what have we done?’.

“I always enjoyed going out and having a few beers, and a catch-up with the fans.

“We did that throughout my career, whether we were on tour, in the Six Nations, or in the World Cup, such as in 2003.”

England ended up losing its World Cup quarter-final to France and Tindall was later dropped from the team and fined almost $40,000. He was later reinstated to the team and had the fine reduced but hasn’t played for his country since.

Tindall previously told British paper The Daily Mail in 2012: “Obviously, it wasn’t ideal for me to end up as hammered as I was. That’s a given.

“People have done that in their lives before and I’m sure I won’t be the last person to get pissed and then realise it wasn’t a great idea to drink so much.

“It’s just that the reaction to my mistake turned into a rollercoaster that I couldn’t control. But the people close to me, those I love, know what actually happened and it just wasn’t some enormous crisis.”

Tindall announced his retirement from pro rugby on Tuesday.