Tindall bouncer’s Queenstown court ejection


Infamous former bouncer Jonathan Dixon (right) has been chucked out of Queenstown District Court after speaking out of turn. 

Dixon was giving evidence in the case of a 28-year-old man accused of stealing his headphones. 

The controversial Queenstowner had accidentally left the headphones, along with a pair of jeans, near the ticket machine in Man Street car park last July. 

Luke Anthony Wilson was discharged without conviction at Queens­­­­­­­town District Court on Monday after Judge Kevin Phillips ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove he stole the $357 headphones. 

Dixon told the court: “I think I might have left a banana as well – but I don’t really care about the banana.” 

Dixon, sitting in the public gallery after giving evidence, called out “That’s him” when Wilson appeared on a tape of CCTV footage from the car park. Judge Phillips told him to leave. 

Dixon himself faces a charge of dishonestly accessing a computer system relating to the release of CCTV footage of former England rugby captain Mike Tindall cavorting with a woman in a Queenstown bar during the Rugby World Cup. He also faces a separate assault charge. 

Expensive toilet wrecked 

Police are appealing for witnesses after vandals wrecked an $85,000 toilet cubicle. 

The cubicle at One Mile round­about in Queenstown was extensively damaged sometime last weekend. 

“There was damage done to practically every single item in the cubicle,” senior constable Chris Blackford says, adding: “I would suspect there would be a number of people who know who the offender is when you consider those toilets cost about $85,000 each. 

“Someone might take it upon themselves to make an anonymous call to the police station.” 

Drunk and disorderly 

Queenstown police dealt with a number of allegedly abusive, disorderly and just plain paralytic drunks last weekend. 

Officers were called to the Camp Street McDonald’s twice. On Friday at 2.35am, a 22-year-old UK male on a working visa was refused entry. 

Acting sergeant Jason Reid says: “He allegedly took exception to this and was trying to pick fights, so he got arrested.” 

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence. 

At 4am on Saturday, police were called to the same restaurant to deal with a 31-year-old Fernhill resident who had tipped his drink over another person. 

“When officers turned up he started abusing them with references to Tiki Taane and freedom of speech.” 

Taane, who played Shotover Sunshine Festival at the weekend, was arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour likely to incite violence in 2011 for singing NWA’s classic F*** The Police at a gig. Charges were later dropped. 

The 31-year-old in McDonald’s was arrested for disorderly behaviour. 

A 21-year-old Aussie living in Queenstown was picked up by police on Man St at 8.45pm later that day. 

“He was so inebriated he couldn’t even talk.” 

The youngster was taken to the station for detox. 

It’s not Madeleine 

Southern police have received confirmation from Scotland Yard that an Otago girl is not missing British child Madeleine McCann. 

Operation Grange – the British police operation investigating the disappearance of the youngster in Portugal in 2007 – requested a voluntary DNA test from the girl after a shopkeeper contacted Queenstown police at Christmas. 

The girl is believed to have the same eye defect as Madeleine, which only affects 0.007 per cent of the population. It’s the second time she has been mistaken for Madeleine. 

The DNA test confirms it is not her. 

Alleged shoplifters 

A 25-year-old Queenstown man allegedly stuffed a bladder of wine down his pants and left a Gorge Road store. 

The man was arrested by police at FreshChoice at 7.15pm on Tuesday after being stopped by security. He has been charged with theft. 

Police also arrested a 44-year-old Indian woman who tried to leave Wilkinsons Pharmacy on The Mall with five pairs of earrings. The door alarms were triggered. The woman was given a pre-charge warning.