Tiler lays out man in CBD



A Brazilian tiler who shattered a man’s jaw with one punch is facing deportation after  his bid for a discharge without conviction failed in Queenstown’s court on Monday.

Matheus Portela Chaves, 25, was drinking with friends in the CBD about 11.30pm on  June 2 when he attempted to speak to a woman in Searle Lane.

When he persisted, despite her repeatedly asking him to leave her alone, one of her male companions intervened.

After a verbal exchange, the victim shoved the defendant in the chest with both hands.

So Portela Chaves punched the victim in the face, causing him to fall to the pavement, then walked back to his associates on Camp Street.

The victim ended up in Dunedin Hospital, where three titanium plates and 13 screws were inserted in his jaw during a four-hour operation to repair multiple fractures.

Portela Chaves was charged with assault with intent to injure, and the matter went to a judge-alone trial in December, where his argument of self-defence was rejected.

Counsel Bryony Shackell said the defendant had a clean criminal record, and felt  ‘‘significant regret and shock’’ at his actions.

He hadn’t been able to work for the past four months because a visa application had been suspended, and was relying on his partner of four months for financial support.

A deportation liability notice would follow a conviction, and he’d be forced to leave his partner and her children.

Judge Russell Walker said the defendant had a ‘‘means of escape’’ after the victim initiated the altercation, but left the scene only after making a ‘‘disproportionate response’’.

Although there was a ‘‘real and appreciable risk’’ of deportation, he declined to grant the discharge, convicted Portela Chaves and sentenced him to 150 hours’ community work and 12 months’ supervision.

Dangerous driver

A Queenstown delivery driver who narrowly missed a stop-go sign operator has avoided a driving ban that would’ve cost him his job.

Mark Philip Norton, 42, admitted dangerous driving on October 29 when he appeared
before community magistrate Simon Heale in Queenstown’s court last Friday.

That day, Norton was seen driving erratically on Hawthorne Drive, swerving between other vehicles in the two westbound lanes before arriving at a queue of vehicles stopped at roadworks.

He mounted the footpath and accelerated, nearly hitting the stop-go operator before making a U-turn.

He drove at speed through The Landing shopping area’s carpark, got back on to Hawthorne Dr and headed towards State Highway 6.

After ‘‘accelerating heavily’’ on Douglas St, he approached the turnoff to Kelvin  Peninsula in the wrong lane, and continued driving in the wrong lane for about 200 metres along Peninsula Road before swerving back into his lane to avoid an oncoming car.

He was eventually found by police in Kelvin Heights.

Norton admitted his driving was ‘‘shockingly unacceptable’’.

Heale said he didn’t want to impose a disqualification, because that would cost Norton his job.

He was instead convicted and sentenced to 100 hours’ community work.

Other appearances

●  Steele Taimana IsraelGrimwood, 29, driller, of Queenstown, assault with intent to injure, $5000 reparation, 11 months’ home detention; assault, two months’ home detention; fighting in public, convicted and discharged, all on December 17, 2020.

●  Ian-Petrus Erasmus, 31, mechanic, of Queenstown, careless driving causing injury, Cromwell, October 7, discharged with out conviction, $330 reparation, $2000 emotional harm reparation, disqualified six months.

●  Samuel Louis Te Waiti, 29, ambulance officer, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 1105mcg,
Shotover St, February 20, nine months’ supervision, alcohol interlock provisions.

●  Stefano Macchi, 27, labourer, of Queenstown, dangerous driving, Frankton Rd, disqualified nine months, six months’ supervision; drink-driving, 925mcg Frankton Rd, $900 fine, zero-alcohol licence provisions, both on December 15.

●  Aidan Tame Conrad-Hinga, 22, builder, of Queens town, drink-driving, 826mcg, Frankton Rd, February 5, fined $400, alcohol licence provisions.

●  Alejandro Gabriel Zapata Campos, 33, chef, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 704mcg,
Gorge Rd, October 10, fined $550, disqualified six months.

●  Timothy Darryn Anderson-Jones, 39, storeman, of Kelvin Heights, drink-driving, 466mcg, Frankton Rd, February 3, fined $350, disqualified six months.

●  Yin Yeh Low, 31, hotel receptionist, of Queenstown, drink-driving, 576mcg, Frankton Rd, November 29, discharged without conviction, $450 donation ordered, disqualified six months.