Tibetan art washes in on cultural tide


Two Tibetan Buddhist monks are returning to Queenstown this week to practise a colourful Tibetan cultural art form.

They will construct a `Medicine Buddha’ sand mandala from fine grains of sand during nine days at the Queenstown Arts Centre on Stanley Street, following a public opening ceremony tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm.

The North Island-based monks - who visited town last year to ceremonially bless a new local store, The Outpost - have chosen the Medicine Buddha as “it promotes healing for all through love, compassion and wisdom” in today’s challenging times, event coordinator Kaari Schlebach says.

The public are invited to watch the mandala being constructed from 10am till 4pm each day from June 10 till 18.

There’ll also be daily half-hour meditations at 9.30am and 4.30pm.

Entry is free, though donations are also welcome towards the running of the event.

Schlebach is also looking for volunteers to help out, including providing meals for the monks.

The mandala will be ceremonially dissolved on June 19 at 2pm.

Most of the blessed sand will be offered to attendees, with the rest carried in a procession through town and offered to the lake.

The event’s Facebook page is ‘Medicine Buddha Mandala in Queenstown’.