Thumbs up for $10 challenge (slideshow)


Colourful couples were thumbing rides in the resort this morning as part of a zany kids’ charity fundraiser. 

Quirkily-dressed duos are hitchhiking from Queenstown to Auckland over three days on a $10 budget to raise money for charity Cure Kids. 

Decked out in 1950’s regalia, restaurant and bar manager Michelle Caron, 27, and receptionist Angela Knafl, 32, both from Novotel Queenstown Lakeside, are one team scamming rides north. 

Caron, who competed in the race last year, says it’s hard slog, starting at 5am and often not reaching a destination till 10pm. 

She aims to arrive in Auckland on Sunday at a respectable time. 

“We just don’t want to be picked up by the sweeper van,” Caron says. 

The local ladies are up against 16 other teams – who all stumped up $7125 to enter the wacky fundraiser. 

The contenders set off from Marine Parade in the wee small hours and will make their way to Christchurch by tonight. They’ll complete a series of Amazing Race-style tasks on their way north. 

Each team has also been given a teddy bear, which corresponds to a child the charity helps, to take with them on their travels.