Thriller call rings out


Contenders are already lining up for this year’s Thriller in the Chiller charity boxing event.

Applications have only just opened for September’s Mountain Scene-sponsored showdown – the first time it’s been run outside Queenstown Winter Festival.

Already there are more than a dozen applications for the box-off, to be held at Queenstown Events Centre on September 19.

Thriller director Simon Green says the early call for applications is designed to allow potentials to do basic fitness work.

“In many ways the less boxing experience the better,” Green says.

“We take care of all the boxing and then obviously some pretty serious training after that.”

Applications close on May 29.

A qualifier weekend’s being held the first weekend of June and the six-week contender camp starts on June 8.

This year, money from every ticket at every spectator table will go to the event’s charities - Bruce Grant Youth Trust and Branches Charitable Trust.

Green: “We’re looking for people that are going to not only get in there and do all the work and put their chins on the line, but are really going to help raise money for our charities.

“If we sell all the [spectator] tables then hopefully we’ll be looking at about $15,000.”

Green says safety is paramount - the event’s sanctioned by the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association.

Unusually for a charity boxing event all contenders train together to try and avoid mis-matches.

“A big part of the attraction for the crowd is seeing people that they know doing something they never thought they’d see those people do.”