This week in Mountain Scene history


1975 In a series on how affordable Queenstown is to visit, Mountain Scene says: “If you spend more than $11 a day on sightseeing, we’ll be surprised – it can be less.” 

1985 Locals gaze at crystal balls about Queens­town in 15 years’ time. By 2000, Guy Bleakley says, there’ll be a through-road to Milford Sound and a bridge from Park Street across to the Kelvin Heights golf course. Gus Watson plumps for “a town of condominiums or strata-type accommodation” and “ingenious tourist attractions which we can’t even imagine”.

1995 Outgoing councillor and planning chairman Warwick Goldsmith releases Queens­town’s long-awaited district plan. In fact, the eco-friendly plan is never implemented – incoming mayor Warren Cooper’s new council rewrites the plan in pro-development fashion.

2001 Local tandem paragliding pilot Brendon Sinclair must pay $15,000 for failing to secure Nicola Collins’ harness. The Christ­church 12-year-old suffered horrific injuries, dropping 10 metres out of her harness then falling another 11m over a Bob’s Peak cliff. 

2005 Future night flights at Queenstown Airport are the resort’s latest buzz as the implications of breath-taking satellite navigation sink in. The Civil Aviation Authority agrees night flights are possible with aircraft equipped with “required navigation performance” technology – providing the resort airport has suitable runway lights. Destination Queens­town boss David Kennedy is excited, while an anonymous jet captain says night flights are “fraught with difficulty”.