This week in Mountain Scene history


1975 Rival ski hire outlets Bill Lacheny and John & Dardy’s are each promoting skis, boots and poles for $5 a day for the lot – with further discounts on multi-day hires. 

1985 Queenstown has a French connection to the Rainbow Warrior bombing – senior sergeant Trevor Tozer of Auckland CIB says Queenstowners were questioned over a French­man who’d been travelling in the South Island. 

1995 Grieving American husband Mark Palmer tells how his beloved wife Carol Jean, 26, perished in the Toaster rapid while on a commercial Shotover River rafting trip a fortnight ago. Carol Jean’s body, obstructed by a branch and wedged beneath an undercut rock, took six hours to be recovered by guides. Three investigations are under way, including the first rafting probe ever conducted by the Government’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission. 

2001 The stork is smiling on tiny Kings­ton. Six mums – a third of all women of child-bearing age living in the little hamlet – are pregnant at the same time. Their resulting offspring will almost double the number of Kingston pre-schoolers.

2005 As name suppression expires, Fernhill’s Charlie Fan is unmasked as the Queenstown acupuncturist having to pay $68,000 in damages and legal costs after complaints from two female patients. The women both accused Fan of touching their genitals without a clinical reason to do so. Fan was ordered to pay the damages and costs after an eight-day hearing in Queens­town by the Human Rights Review Tribunal.