This lil’ water boy’s a survivor


Proudly watching 21-month-old Ollie Ruski-Jones splash around in Queenstown Primary’s pool yesterday is relieved mum Minna.

She swears Ollie’s swimming ability – starting at six months old – saved his life at Moeraki, North Otago, early this month.

Ollie got on a fisherman’s hydraulic launching trolley which pitched into the ocean – and pitched Ollie into deep water.

His mum believes Ollie was in water 1.5 metres deep for 30-40 seconds before she and a fisherman could get to him – but the nipper stayed afloat by kicking his legs, waving his arms and holding his breath, just as he’s been taught by local swimming coach Jane Hughes.

“He’s just a little man but he knew what to do,” says Minna proudly.