There’s still gold in them thar hills!


Nomad Safaris driver Tim Borrell pulled a large nugget worth an estimated $1800 from a Queenstown river last Saturday. 

“It’s rather impressive isn’t it?” Nomad boss and champion gold panner David Gatward-Ferguson says. 

“I have not made a find like that, no. Yes, I am very jealous.” 

Borrell was panning in the river with a group and showing a new Nomad driver how it’s done. 

“That’s the only time he does it,” Gatward-Ferguson says. “He does it well but doesn’t take it seriously, like the rest of us.” 

Borrell’s relatives own the Arrowtown Gold Shop and are also said to be a bit green over the lucky find. The river’s location is a closely guarded secret. 

Gatward-Ferguson says: “Gold miners don’t tend to tell people. 

“The way the water moves gold around, because it’s so heavy, where you find one bit there’s normally more.” 

There seems little chance of a gold rush. “We won’t tell anyone and we won’t be taking any bloomin’ customers. It’s our gold, we want that gold.”