There’s a pole lotta shakin’


Arthurs Point mum Anna Ashton hopes to gyrate her way to the top of a national pole dancing competition this weekend.

The 36-year-old flies the flag for Queenstown as she enters the inaugural Miss Pole Dance New Zealand competition in Auckland on Saturday.

Wearing a “beautiful, sparkly, silver bikini” made by local fashion designer Anna Deacon plus silver stilettos, the ex-stripper-turned-yoga-and-pole-dance-instructor will be performing aerial tricks and spins on a four-metre pole.

Ashton says she’s used to working on shorter poles – “but I love it, the higher the better”.

“It’s perfect for me because the higher it is the more tricks you can do.”

Her seven-minute routine will be judged on endurance, flexibility, strength and dance skills.

She doesn’t believe the competition’s performances will be raunchy.

“In that case you could consider a lot of dance raunchy.

All dance is an extreme expression of your body.

It does have its origins, for sure, but it’s a sport and fitness event.”