The secret to better sex


Queenstown physiotherapist Melissa Davidson (right) reckons she’s got the secret to better sex – and it’s not a little blue pill. 

The Remarkable Physios owner, pictured with husband Simon Smith says the key to enhancing orgasms – in both men and women – is through having strong pelvic floor muscles. 

Davidson, who holds a post graduate in physiotherapy pelvic floor, is holding a free lunchtime session next Tuesday to educate people in a fun and relaxed way about the mysterious little muscle that lies between the pubic bone and tail bone. 

“Most people have no idea where it is and therefore you can’t improve it,” she says. 

“By strengthening your pelvic floor, you’ve got increased muscle control, which increases the blood supply and therefore increases the sensation. 

“It’s more effective than Viagra for erectile dysfunction.” 

A strong pelvic floor can provide other health benefits, she says. 

“It’s one of those topics where people won’t discuss it. I think it needs to be out a bit more so people can do more about it.” 

The session, the first of a free weekly series held by Remarkable Physios, is at Ngai Tahu’s Te Nuku building, above the old post office, at 12.30pm.