The parents of thieving postie quit


Parents of a disgraced Queenstown postie have resigned from their own Arrowtown post round. 

Philippa Lynette Lindsay, 32, last week pleaded guilty to a theft charge after failing to deliver 21,000 pieces of mail to residents in Fernhill, Sunshine Bay, Arrowtown and Lake Hayes Estate last year. 

Lindsay’s parents, who live on McDonnell Road, retained their separate contract for deliveries to the Arrowtown area in the wake of the scandal – after an NZ Post investigation established they were appropriate people and NZ Post stood by the couple. 

But the couple have now chosen not to continue with the delivery contract. They declined to comment on their reasons. 

NZ Post spokesman Michael Tull says: “A vacancy has arisen for that postal run and we’re currently seeking someone for that role.” 

Expressions of interest are invited for the Arrowtown postal delivery contract – six days a week by motorbike and in-office work – by April 2. 

Philippa Lindsay – who pleaded guilty to theft by a person in a special relationship – is due to be sentenced on April 8.