The lesson in Queenstown lawyer’s death


The wife of a well-known Queenstown heart-attack victim says his death is a lesson to those who work too hard at the expense of their health. 

Long-time Queenstowner Jenni McBride says she’ll mostly miss her husband Mike Holloway’s passion, intellect and sense of fun. 

Holloway, 62, collapsed and died while driving his car near Shotover Delta Road last Saturday during a gravel-loading trip. 

The respected local lawyer was found at 8.30pm, the sole occupant of a car, towing a trailer. 

Police initially said the vehicle had veered off the road but have now confirmed it was a slow-speed crash, likely caused by the medical condition.
Holloway, who had practised law for 25 years finishing as partner at HM Associates, had spent the past few years successfully developing a software system for legal firms. 

“He was very passionate about his business,” McBride says. “I must say that his love of all his fitness and activities had gone a little bit by the way. He just worked too hard and to my mind it’s a lesson to a lot of people.” 

Holloway had been in Australia celebrating his eldest daughter’s 40th with many of his large family before returning in time for his own birthday last Wednesday. 

“We merrily celebrated that,” McBride says. 

“He was a wee bit more relaxed than he’d been and was looking forward to a nice summer.” 

The couple married 10 years ago but first met in the early 1990s on one of Holloway’s regular boating trips to Lake Wakatipu’s Pigeon Island. 

“He doted on me, he cared about me dearly though I drove him insane every now and again,” McBride says. 

The pair shifted from central Queenstown to Frankton three months ago. 

McBride, who was blinded in a car accident almost 30 years ago, says: “The very lucky thing for me is that I’m in a really nice community. 

“I try to be as independent as I possibly can and I’m just going to have to get my act together and take on another major challenge, I guess.” 

McBride says even her guide dog Freda is missing her husband. 

“Animals just sense people’s emotions.” 

Queenstown lawyer Russell Mawhinney, who previously worked with Holloway at HM Associates, says he was “a kind-hearted, full-on character”. 

Recalling his friend’s bout with bowel cancer several years ago, Mawhinney says: “His attitude to that was just so positive it was never going to get him”. 

Holloway and business partner Ted Jordan had been ahead of their time with their award-winning ActionStep software system, Mawhinney says. 

Holloway’s funeral will be tomorrow at Frankton’s City Impact Church at 1.30pm – one of his much-loved wooden boats is being converted into a coffin. 

Funeral-goers are being asked to contribute to the Wakatipu Islands Reforestation Trust in lieu of flowers.