The case for 2am or 4am Queenstown bar closing splits voters


Voters are evenly split on whether Queenstown’s pumping nightlife should continue through to 4am – according to a poll.

In a poll asking: “Do you support the Queenstown police’s push for 2am closing for all resort bars?” a slight majority of 52 per cent – 34 voters – didn’t want to see local watering holes shutting up shop two hours earlier than the current 4am.

In the slap-up poll 48 per cent or 31 voters were in agreement with local cops that partiers should be booted out of bars at 2am.

Police figures reveal Queenstown’s percentage of alcohol-related offences in which the culprit had their last drink at a bar tops national statistics.

From July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, Queenstown cops made 554 alcohol-related arrests. Of those, 343 – or 62 per cent – had their last drink at a bar.

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