The boys are back on stage


Hopping mad about hip-hop grannies taking their place last year, Queenstown’s Remarkable Men’s Ballet are back for Sunday’s Shotover Jet Christmas Show.

Perfecting their poses while Merv Aoake supports Paul Robertson are, from left, ‘ballerinas’ Henry Youngman, Chris Dagg, Steve Kay, Clark Pirie, Sean Drader and Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson.

Director/choreographer Anna Stuart confirms they weren’t happy about being bumped last year.

“They’re going to prove that that’s never going to happen again.”

Meanwhile, word on the street is they’ll also perform a flash mob dance routine on Ballarat Street today, 6-6.30pm.

Sunday’s shows, honouring the contributions of local community service organisations, run at the Queenstown Events Centre at 1pm and 5pm.