The big push is on


This gutsy Queenstown family is about to embark on a “coming-of-age” trip of a lifetime. 

Remarkable Physios owners Melissa Davidson and her husband Simon Smith are taking their two sons Michael, 13, and Peter, 14, on an eight-week, 3000km bike trip part-way across Canada. 

The cycle tour has been a dream of Davidson and Smith since their boys were born – and became a reality when Smith won $32,000 on TV One’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Show in 2008. 

From July 20 to late September, the family will pedal over seven mountain ranges from British Colombia, to Vancouver, through the Rockies, to the boys’ birthplace, Calgary, finishing up in Alberta. 

“We’re making it as a coming-of age-trip for the teenagers … and a mid-life-crisis coming-of-age for Simon and I,” Davidson laughs. 

For the past five months they’ve been training on local suburban and mountain roads with weights to equal the amount of camping gear and food they’ll be carrying. 

“It’ll be a really good trip for them, finding their limits and pushing past them. It will be a good challenge for all of us, physically and mentally,” Davidson says.