The big (and some not so big) questions marching into winter


– How many extra pokie machines do you reckon SkyCity wants in exchange for involvement in a Queenstown convention centre?

– What’s the difference between Adam Feeley and Debra Lawson? 

– Have you got half an hour …? 

– When we quoted Feeley using the word ‘bloody’ he was peeved. So how mad do you reckon he was when we quoted him using the word ‘f..k’? 

– As long as he keeps being so industrious, couldn’t care less? 

– Wouldn’t Christchurch-based Coast to Coast legend Steve Gurney make a great addition to Queenstown? 

– As long as he keeps his jocks on? 

– Planning to take him on in the Winter Festival Undy 500? 

– As long as he keeps his jocks on? 

– What do you suppose the lunch group that meet at Wild Thyme on Friday talk about? 

– Struggling to pick up backpackers now that The World Bar’s closed after fire damage? 

– Chanced your arm at Altitude yet? 

– Or are you a bit too worried about the cameras? 

– Missed out on tickets to the Winter Festival ball? 

– Missed out on tickets to the two Winter Festival comedy gala nights? 

– Major WinterFest FOMO? 

– Reckon you’ll try for a cheeky fag while going up the chairlifts at Remarks this season? 

– And what the hell do you think they’ll do about it if they catch you? 

– Got drunk and bitten any cops lately? 

– Steamer Wharf or the Beach Street casino? 

– And if we ask that question again in a year, will it just have to be ‘Beach Street casino?’ 

– Or will it be the Lakeview Holiday Park casino? 

– Did you get along to Chicago

– Nicole McLean’s Velma Kelly or Fiona Stephenson’s Roxie Hart? 

– Or both? 

– Started going to stretch classes yet? 

– Rata or Jervois Steak House? 

– Bardeaux or Bunker? 

-Thinking twice about those after-work staffies? 

- Struggling at work after too much French Open? 

– Struggling at work after too many jager bombs/glasses of pinot/happy hour drinks? 

- Is Mountain Scene better or worse since Allied Press took over? 

-Trust it’s still lighting the fire okay, Barry Ellis? 

- How about yours, Sir John? 

- Surprised to hear that Mountain Scene’s Philip ‘Scoop’ Chandler ran for an impressive one hour and 20 minutes a few weeks back? 

- Even more surprised that he wasn’t chasing a story, but was just doing it for fitness? 

- Still cheering for the Highlanders? 

– Wasn’t that victory over the Blues worth all the other losses combined? 

– Or was the Highlanders’ best moment this season when the team’s funky chicken mascot spectacularly tackled that streaker? 

– Standing for council this coming election? 

– Or would you prefer to go give yourself a lobotomy? 

– Are you gonna’ get off your butt and even vote this time? 

– Does councillor Simon Stamers-Smith disagree with everything just for the sake of it? 

– And does he still think the $3 million Queenstown Memorial Hall upgrade shouldn’t have gone ahead? 

– Worried the Earnslaw’s gonna be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to global warming? 

– Or is that a very narrow take on a very important debate? 

– Can’t wait for Southern Stampede home games at Queenstown Ice Arena? 

– How about that grudge match against Canterbury in the first weekend of WinterFest? 

– Bring on the biff?