That’s what your cool Queenstown friends are for


Four expat Kiwis are showcasing Queenstown to foreign pals as part of a quirky marketing move aimed at attracting overseas tourists. 

Along with a mate who has never visited New Zealand before, the four lucky punters have been flown in from around the world for a 10-day countrywide trip as part of the Kiwi Expat Association’s Pass It On tour. 

Tomorrow the group will tick off a list of Queenstown activities – including the Nevis Arc, rafting, a helicopter ride down Skippers Canyon and a Shotover Jet ride. 

The eight visitors, who live as far afield as Australia, China, America and England, will on Thursday take a jaunt with Dart River Jet Safaris before flying to Wellington to catch the All Blacks in action against the Springboks. 

Places on the tour were won by signing up to the Pass It On website and sending footage of NZ’s best sights to overseas contacts. 

The campaign is about using the one million Kiwis who live abroad to spread the word about NZ’s appeal, according to KEA NZ executive director Ross McConnell. 

“Pass It On is all about telling the rest of the world how great NZ is, especially as global attention increases ahead of the Rugby World Cup next year,” McConnell says. 

During the whirlwind trip the group also sampled visitor highlights in Auckland and Taupo.