That’s the spirit


Queenstown’s spirit of community giving has been praised by a family who benefited from local

Kirsten Anderson, mum of partially-blind youngster Natalya Skelton, 7, and her brother Kiran, 11, have returned home to the resort during the school holidays to say thank you to their supporters. 

The family has been living in Auckland while Natalya receives treatment to restore her left eye’s vision – she was blinded in 2006 following eight weeks of alleged misdiagnoses by Southern District Health Board. 

In July, Mountain Scene reported they were forced to leave Ronald McDonald House because SDHB funding ceased. 

Spearheaded by Frankton’s Mark Scott and Sue van Schreven, a community collection pulled $1700. 

“To all those who generously [donated], thank you endlessly,” Anderson says. 

“You have made a significant difference in our journey to date and even though it still isn’t over and we are faced with new challenges in Natalya’s amazing journey back to sight, I know that the Queenstown community will find ways to continue to support us and that is indeed a very special blessing in our lives.” 

Natalya gets stitches in her left eye removed later this month.