That’ll be $9.50 a Heineken, thanks. Yeah, right?


EVER wondered what a $9.50 Heineken tastes like? If so, you’ll have to head to Good Group’s premium watering holes Barmuda or Bardeaux, which have just raised the price 50 cents. Although I’d imagine it tastes about the same as the $4.50 Heinekens you can get at Brazz during their happy hours.

IT’S not every day your bus driver turns out to be an airline pilot. Taking punters up to The Remarkables Ski Area this winter is Queenstown-raised Andrew Bradley. The 39-year-old is taking three months off from flying long-haul 777s for Air New Zealand. Bradley says driving a bus is harder because he doesn’t have a co-pilot.

REES Street Delicatessen owner Sam Topliff was in a Winter Festival mood last night: “Compliments of the season. It’s like having two Christmases.”