Testing prices


Queenstowners are paying a premium on WOFs along with everything else.

Soaring house prices, expensive groceries and petrol mark-ups have long been part of the extra cost of living in a ski resort.

Now warrants of fitness can be added to the list.

They cost between $65 and $70 for a standard car at the majority of garages in the resort.

That’s compared to $45-$50 at most garages in Christchurch, about $50 in Taupo, $50-$55 in Auckland and about $60 in Gore.

VTNZ charges a standard $59 in every one of its test centres in the country – except Queenstown where it’s $69.

Motorist David Andrew says: “I asked at the counter why and was told ‘because we can’.

“What arrogance and a rip-off.”

Mountain Scene checked with eight garages in Queenstown. Three charged $65, one $68 and the rest $69.

Over the hill in Wanaka, prices are similar, with the majority charging $65.

VTNZ comms boss Sarah Garvin says there’s a shortage of local mechanics in Queenstown.

“[It] means we have to recruit and relocate from other regions and in some cases from overseas which adds significant costs to our staffing.”

Garvin says the company also pays an allowance to cover the higher cost of living in Queenstown.