Ten drink drivers pinged in four hours


Cops had a disappointing breath-testing haul on Saturday night – 10 drink-drivers on one Queenstown street.

Sergeant Craig Cox, the officer in charge of the Invercargill traffic alcohol group, said the operation took place between 9pm on Saturday and 1am on Sunday along Lake Esplanade.

Of the 10 done for drink-driving, six received $200 infringement fees and 50 demerit points for driving with levels between 251mcg and 400mcg.

Three of the drivers allegedly had levels over 400mcg (one level was 1054mcg) and they will be appearing in court to face drink driving charges, while the fourth driver elected to give a blood sample and the result from that was yet to be processed. 

The drivers were a mixture of residents and visitors to the town.

Cox says it’s very disappointing so many chose to drink and drive.

Head of the Otago rural drink drive squad, Sergeant Bruce Martin said 1365 drivers were stopped by police officers at the various road exits around Clyde yesterday afternoon, during and after the Clyde Wine and Food Festival.

About 4000 people attended the festival. Forty two drivers were required to carry out breath screening tests and four went on to have evidential breath tests.

Two Alexandra women, one aged 40 and one aged 33, will appear in the Alexandra District Court to face drink driving charges after allegedly recording breath alcohol levels of 600mcg and 536mcg respectively.

Two other female drivers were given $200 infringement notices and 50 demerit points for having levels between 251mcg and 400mcg. 

“The good news was most of the drivers we stopped had not been drinking,” Martin says.

Otago Daily Times