Teenager denies alleged armed robbery


A Dunedin teenager accused of an armed robbery of a Queenstown liquor store and a subsequent car jacking has denied the charges.

The youngster (17), appearing at Queenstown District Court this morning, pleaded not guilty to two charges and elected trial by jury. 

He is one of two men accused of robbing Henry’s liquor store on Shotover Street in the resort on August 19.They have interim name suppression.

The other man (24) has not yet entered a plea.

Both are jointly charged with robbing Henry’s liquor store while being armed with an offensive weapon, namely a knife, and of robbing Wilma Mary Nehoff.

The 24-year-old also faces one charge of causing a bodily injury to the teenager while being in charge of a motor vehicle with a breath alcohol level of 992mcg.

Defence counsel Sonia Vidal, representing the 24-year-old, and Katy Barker, representing the teenager, made applications for interim name suppression on the basis that identity is an issue in the case.

Judge Mark Callaghan granted the interim name suppression and also declined a media request to take still photos.

Both men were remanded in custody, the 24-year-old to September 28, and the teenager to October 27.