Tatt’ll do us nicely


Winners of the wacky New Zealand Singlespeed Champs in Queenstown have permanent reminders of their success. 

While most would be happy with a trophy, mountain bikers Garth Weinberg and Anja McDonald now sport tattoos for finishing first in their fields at Seven Mile Reserve last Saturday. 

Rotorua’s Weinberg and McDonald, from Dunedin, went under the needle at Queenstown’s White Tiger Tattoo parlour the same day. 

The tattoo is 29-year-old McDonald’s first. And although she admits to being wary of her dad’s reaction – it didn’t stop her from claiming the compulsory prize. 

“I was a wee bit worried because my dad hates tattoos,” she says. “I really like it … I’ve got it forever now.” 

It’s Weinberg’s second tattoo for winning the oddball race, which attracted 82 entrants and was contested over five, 6km laps. He also won the men’s title in Rotorua in 2008. Weinberg, 38, describes his latest shoulder design as “quite classy” but says the track through the reserve was “wicked in an evil way.” 

McDonald took the open women’s section in 2hr 49min, while open men’s winner Weinberg charged home in 2:18. 

Both champs are keen to compete again next year, but McDonald isn’t sure she’d claim another tattoo. 

Meanwhile, Queenstown rider Tony Moore took out the Old Bugger Men’s category in under three hours. 

A self-proclaimed “singlespeed virgin”, Moore, 41, even put ‘L’ plates on his borrowed bike. 

“It wasn’t even on the radar that I won until prize-giving,” he says. 

Moore reckons an obligatory tattoo would have added to the fun if the prize extended to his age group.