Tanked-up town


Babbling, staggering drunks cause mayhem.

Self-inflicted drunken injuries and stupidity kept Queenstown cops busy again this week.

On Sunday at 2.45am an intoxicated woman “face-planted” on the footpath on Shotover Street, giving herself a small gash to the side of her head, says constable Sean Drader.

“Ambos patched her up and sent her on her merry way. It paints a picture for the week.”

Later on, at 3.15am, cops escorted a “very drunk” 23-year-old local man to Lakes District Hospital after he fell down a bank in Robins Road.

On Friday, a 29-year-old man was arrested for disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest at 2.05am.

“He was very intoxicated, abusive and uncooperative,” says Drader.

“He stumbled out of one bar and into another and was asked to leave. Upon leaving he calls out and swears at police and became worked up in the face of police and started calling loud abuse.”

Last Wednesday a 32-year-old local graphic designer was arrested and charged with offensive behaviour after urinating near Fergburger customers on Shotover St.

“He’s naughty,” Drader says.

Can’t remember

A 44-year-old man was picked up by police in Cow Lane after he’d been assaulted on Saturday at 2.40am.

“He was intoxicated and didn’t remember anything. He had a chipped tooth, a cut lip and a gash to the
head,” Drader says.

“Police are talking to him and other people to try to work out what happened.”

Police are also trying to find four men who did a runner from a taxi without paying on Sunday at 4.30am.

“They ran on to properties around Gray Street in Frankton.

“Police spoke to one male so we are following that lead.”

Mystery shopper

A local 26-year-old man is banned from Fresh Choice supermarket after his disorderly behaviour last Friday afternoon.

“He’d been drinking in the morning and we’d had a few calls about him from around town,” Drader says.

We found him [in Fresh Choice]. In town he was talking to himself and yelling out, and at the supermarket he broke a bottle and was remonstrating. He was alarming people.”

No charges were laid.

‘Uncooperative’ couple

A husband-and-wife domestic in Dalefield saw cops show up on their doorstep last Friday at 9.30pm.

“One of them had been drinking, one of them had damaged their own property at their address,” says Drader.

No arrests were made because neither couple laid a complaint.

“Somebody called 111 and then the phone was cut off,” Drader says. “Nobody was cooperative.”

Hairy man-hunt

Police are on the hunt for a “rough-looking” man following a car break-in in Arthurs Point last Wednesday night.

A British tourist who left his car unlocked while inquiring about a room at Coronet Peak Hotel returned to find his pack – containing £700 ($NZ1900), $US300 ($NZ550) in travellers’ cheques and a Nikon camera – missing.

While he was asking about room rates, a Pakeha man came in to tell him his lights were left on, and asked where he could buy cigarettes.

“He had blondish, shoulder-length hair, aged between 30 and 35 and about six-foot-two (187cm) with blue eyes,” Drader says.

“He’s described as “rough-looking.”

“There can’t be that many men out there who have hair like that.

If anyone wants to nominate anybody, we’d like to know.”