Tane gets swiped bike back


Tiny Queenstown tot Tane Jones’ smile has returned – along with his stolen bike. 

Two-year-old Tane had his wheels pinched from outside his Quail Rise home last month, and his dad Nathan penned a pleading letter in Mountain Scene for the callous thieves to return the toy. 

The ploy didn’t work – but it did help police identify a bike that had been recovered amongst other stolen property in Christchurch. The police returned it to the grateful toddler recently. 

Big-hearted staff from local company Outside Sports had separately offered Tane a new bike and helmet off their racks before police recovered the stolen wheels. 

Tane’s mum Gillian says her son’s thrilled to have his $200 bike back. 

“We didn’t tell him too much about it being missing because he would have gone off. We just told him it had a puncture and needed special glue. 

“He was pretty excited when he knew it was coming back.” 

Gillian plans to get in touch with Outside Sports: “I want to say ‘thank-you’ to them because their offer was such a nice gesture.”