Swift entourage descends on shops


Taylor Swift’s brother Austin and mother Andrea enjoyed the sunshine in Queenstown yesterday.

The pair are in the resort with the 25-year-old Grammy winner and were seen shopping, stopping at Partridge Jewellers, Kathmandu, Mikael New Zealand and 45deg South.

Swift arrived in Queenstown on a private jet just after 8pm on Sunday, fresh from her concert in Sydney, part of her 1989 World Tour.

She and her family walked undetected through the busy mall an hour and a-half later to at Captain’s Restaurant.

Swift ordered a $35.95 steak and the roasted butternut pumpkin risotto – topped with pine nuts, shaved parmesan, rocket and truffle – for $27.95.

Grant and Karen Hattaway, seated outside the restaurant celebrating their last night as owners, said they did a double-take as Swift swept past, with security stationed outside the premises and nearby.

After dinner, the party was driven away in a convoy of SUVs, with one member of her security team shining strobe flashlights out the front window of her vehicle to prevent media taking any photographs.

It is the second time in less than a week Swift has been in the resort.

She arrived and left on Friday.

During that time it is understood she was filming part of her new music video for Out of the Woods.

Swift had also been filming at Bethell’s Beach near Auckland last week, where her film crew allegedly endangered nesting dotterels, a rare native bird.

The company behind that video, Cherokee Films, has since apologised but disputed any dotterels were harmed and offered to make a donation to the breeding programme.

Otago Daily Times