Sweet as, says politically correct Palmer


Jono Palmer’s copping flak since becoming the Wakatipu’s most politically correct retailer.

Palmer, who owns The Remarkable Sweet Shop with outlets in Arrowtown and Queenstown, has offered a sweetener to native Canadians by rebranding his Eskimo marshmallows as Inuits.

Inuit Canadian Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons, 21, created controversy this month by objecting to a Timaru retailer selling Eskimos, claiming it’s offensive to her race and saying she’d send packets to her country’s Prime Minister.

The popular Eskimo lolly has been around since 1955 and is one of Palmer’s Top 10 sellers.

So is Palmer, who’s relabelled several hundred packs, doing this for publicity or out of political correctness?

“If there’s an indigenous population and we’re referring to them incorrectly and they can take offence, we need to toe the line.”

He’s had some negative feedback, mainly from older sweet tooths saying he’s caving in to the PC lobby, Palmer admits.

So will he reconsider?

“We’ll hang with it, they’ll be dead soon, those people.”

Ice breakers

Unlike sweet retailer Jono Palmer, Mountain Scene isn’t so PC as to pass up the chance for a few Eskimo jokes:

What do you call an Eskimo’s house with no toilet? An Ig

How does an Eskimo mend his house? With iglue

An Eskimo was tapping on some ice looking for fish when a voice boomed out: “You won’t find any under there!” The Eskimo ignored it and carried on tapping. Again the voice bellowed: “You won’t find any fish under there!” The Eskimo looked up and shouted: “Who are you … God?” “No,” said the voice, “the ice-rink manager.”