Sweet apology for shoplifting school kids


FOUR Australian teenagers who filled their pockets and a backpack with shoplifted confectionery have apologised.

The youngsters, all 15, were caught after Queenstown police posted photos and video of them on the force’s Facebook page. 

“They have now written apology letters to police and the shop owner and paid reparation,” an officer says on Facebook this week.

“They’ll be doing a day’s community work at their school.

“Their principal has apologised and thinks this may put them off from ever stealing again.” 

The teenagers, on a school trip to Queenstown from their upmarket Adelaide school, stole about $40 worth of lollies from downtown Remarkables Sweet Shop on Beach Street on January 21.

The video reached almost 8000 people through the police use of social media and the photo was seen by almost 4000.

“Thanks from Queenstown police to everyone who looked at or shared the photo and movie and to those who identified offenders,” police posted.

Grand designs
Police were called after a couple were spotted snooping around Fernhill houses recently.

The pair told police they were innocently looking at stonemason work as they plan to build a house. Officers sent them on their way.

Assault charges
Four Canterbury men who allegedly fought with a Queenstown bouncer have been charged with assault.

The foursome, all in their 20s, was denied entry to Surreal Bar on Searle Lane shortly before 11.30pm on Saturday.

“They’ve been denied entry due to their level of intoxication and began fighting,” sergeant Blair Duffy alleges.
All four are due to appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday.

‘Vicious’ alleged assaults
An elderly couple and a middle-aged couple suffered serious facial injuries when they were allegedly set upon by a Gore man in Gibbston.

The Christchurch victim, 71, and his elderly wife had stopped by the side of the road to re-tie trailer ropes, at about 8pm on Saturday.

Police say a Gore man, 32, sat on the trailer and when asked to move he allegedly punched the man in the face.

When the man’s wife came to help, she was also punched in the face by the stocky man, taking her clean off her feet.

She suffered a suspected fractured eye socket and cheek bone.

“The man’s then wandered off in the middle of the road,” sergeant Duffy says.

“About 100 metres on a middle aged couple’s asked him to get off road, and they’ve allegedly been assaulted as well – punched in the face.

“They were vicious assaults.” 

The victims were taken to Lakes District Hospital.

The incident followed the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at Gibbston Valley Winery.

The Gore man, who works as a linesman/electrician, has been charged with injuring with intent.

He is due to appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday.