Support floods in for Queenstown mayor


Dear Miss Van Uden,
Please accept congratulations from myself and my party on winning another term. Well deserved and best wishes for it. Give us a call when you’re done in three years’ time.
Yours ambitiously,
Prime Minister John Key

Dear Van,
Congrats, I’m looking forward to our second term on council together. It really was no surprise to see you get back in. I must say I can’t say the same for myself.
Yours incredulously,
Councillor Simon Stamers-Smith

Your mayoralness,
Looking forward to working with you and settling into my chair around the decision-making table. Until then, just wondering if you can point me in the direction of something apparently called the Local Government Act.
Yours in bewilderment,
Councillor Merv Aoake

Dear opponent,
Thank god!
Yours, all yours,
Al Angus

Dear Miss Van Uden
It’s a hearty well done from me and my whole team to you for winning a second term. I’ll be down in about a month and would love to take you – and all your councillors for that matter – to a lavish lunch and a few celebratory drinks on the house at our Wild Thyme venue.

Let me know if you’d like to have a flutter afterwards – it can be arranged. Though remember, seemingly just like you, the house always wins!

Yours admiringly,
SkyCity Entertainment Group chief executive Nigel Morrison 

Dear First Lady,
Well done on a momentous win. How about we build a bridge (or a convention centre … ha!) and you come for lunch on me at Hamills. I’d like to invite you in person to turn the first sod.
Yours confidently,
Alastair Porter

Dear Victorious,
I’d imagine despite the fact your opponent’s campaign seemed dead in the water, you never once felt comfortable. As we all know, a seemingly unassailable lead is no sure thing. Anyway, now you’ve won the race and tasted sweet, sweet victory, well, I was just wondering what that’s like exactly?
Yours sportingly,
Team NZ skipper Dean Barker

Dear petal,
Some wisdom from the big smoke: best to keep things strictly professional with the staff – and if you can’t resist, don’t use text messages that can be traced back. Oh, and if you’ve got a Ngati Whatua room, I suggest you stick to using it for its intended purpose. To do otherwise can, speaking from experience, cause you quite the headache.
Yours amorously,
Auckland mayor Len Brown