Supermarket boss in TV drum role


Wannabe rocker and supermarket manager Anthony King (right) doesn’t mind if you call him a rubbish drummer.
The New World Wakatipu boss stars in the food giant’s latest telly ad – featuring employees playing in an orchestra made of fruit and vegetables. 

King, who’s played the drums for 17 years, bashes a kit of rubbish bins, pumpkin, flower pots and an upside-down bucket to Dave Dobbyn’s classic Kiwi hit Slice of Heaven. King says the mechanics of his improvised drum kit were similar to the real thing. 

“It was incredible how realistic it sounded,” he says, adding he especially enjoyed recording with music legend Dobbyn. 

“Filming took a few days but it was like it was the first take every time. Customers have been coming up asking, ‘Was that you on the ad?’ I can’t hide – there are posters of me all around the supermarket.”