Stormy weather to blame for tourism operator closures


Wet weather caused havoc for some Queenstown tourism operators forced to shut up shop yesterday. 

Thrill-seekers were turned away from Shotover Jet due to high water levels on the Shotover River, while the swollen Dart River in Glenorchy and landslides on the access road halted Dart River Jet Safaris’ operations. 

The Kawarau Bridge bungy was on a go-slow since punters had to be pulled back to the bridge rather than being lowered into a raft on the Kawarau River after about 2pm. 

AJ Hackett boss Michelle Trapski says it was an all-round chaotic day. 

“It definitely wasn’t a normal day of business but we actually managed to keep operating, but really slowly.” 

The company also had to close The Ledge bungy due to a power outage on Bob’s Peak, with Skyline Enterprises closing the restaurant, luge and cableway operation yesterday afternoon. 

The companies are all back in business today.