Store gifts voucher to brave young hero


A schoolboy is being pegged a hero after stopping a fleeing Australian thief in the street with a thumping tackle. 

Wakatipu High student Ciaran Jack, 16, received a $100 gift voucher from Queenstown store The Frontrunner as a thank you for taking down a rugby league player who helped friends nick $360 worth of power bands. 

The would-be shoplifter and some of his mates were caught stealing by store owner Paul Garvie (pictured) on October 6. 

The offender, 16, was collared by police but bolted from a cop car stopped on Shotover Street. He legged it through town with Garvie – an avid runner – and police in pursuit. 

But Jack managed to stop him mid-flight – to the applause of bystanders at nearby Ballarat St bars. 

“The guy he knocked down was a lot bigger than him, so he’s a brave chap.” Garvie says. 

Since the Aussie is a youth offender and was on a plane home the next day, he was let off with a warning from cops. 

The team’s coaches paid for the stolen items, which were mostly unsellable due to wrecked packaging.

Long road home 

A 37-year-old Queenstown bar worker was charged with possessing LSD and cannabis after being found lying intoxicated in the street. 

The addled man was taken to Queenstown police station at 4.40am last Saturday when he couldn’t even remember where he lived. 

When he was searched, cops discovered the drugs. 

“The drugs he allegedly had on him may go some way to explaining the state he was in,” constable Sean Drader says.

Cops bag hunters

Three men from Cromwell have been arrested for firearms and hunting offences after being spotted on a late-night shoot near Glenorchy on Tuesday. 

“We received a call from a Glenorchy resident at 3am saying people were out using spotlights,” Drader comments. 

“The alleged offenders were detained a few hours later.”

Hit and run

A Queenstown man, 28, was arrested on three charges after some bizarre behaviour near the Fernhill shops. 

He was collared last Sunday after an incident the previous evening. 

“A shop worker saw the man kicking a car and when challenged, the alleged offender said he was doing it because he thought it was a terrible piece of parking,” Drader observes. 

“The man allegedly then got in another car and drove it at the shop worker, hitting the victim on the leg before driving off.” 

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence, careless driving causing injury and failing to stop. 

Boozed women lose plot

Police and search and rescue volunteers rushed to the aid of a drunk Queenstown woman who got lost while walking home in the early hours of last Saturday. 

The 31-year-old resort professional became disorientated when she wandered into the bush behind Fernhill’s Heritage Hotel. 

“She had no idea where she was so she called police on her cellphone,” Drader says. 

“We are always there to help people – including the drunken ones.” 

Elsewhere, at 5.40am last Sunday, a 19-year-old woman from Auckland was taken into custody for detoxification after being so drunk she also couldn’t remember where she was staying.