Stolen Speight’s tent..c’mon maaate?


‘Burglar’ says ‘Sorry – got the wrong house’

An intruder caught climbing through a bathroom window then knocked on the front door to say he had the wrong house. 

The man was confronted by an Invercargill mum as he attempted to break into a house on Nairn Street, Arrowtown, in the early hours of Saturday. 

The woman called police after the man had left. 

Acting Sergeant Jason Reid says: “It’s very odd. Maybe he has realised he was not agile enough to get away and decided it was easier to present himself around the front. 

“A house was broken into in that street last Wednesday and power tools were taken.” 

The Invercargill woman, renting the property for the holidays with her family, was woken at 2am. The intruder told her he was trying to get into his own home but had the wrong address. 

The incident is being investigated as a burglary. 

Fake IDs confiscated 

Police and door staff confiscated a number of fake, altered and borrowed IDs during the festive period. 

With hundreds of teens in the resort for the holidays, bouncers had their work cut out to stop underage drinkers. 

They confiscated driver’s licences with partially scratched out birthdate numbers, completely forged cards and borrowed IDs. 

“The door staff do a pretty good job. Instead of just checking the photo, they look at the type of material, the reflections and alterations,” Reid says. 

Police also arrested a Gore boy, 17, after they found him trespassing behind the National Sevens security fencing at the Recreation Ground on Saturday night, with fake ID. 

Car rolls down hill 

A student suffered cuts to his head and concussion when he rolled his car down a steep hill. 

The 19-year-old Queenstowner allegedly lost control of his 1991 Mitsubishi Gallant on Hensman Road. Both the boy and his 17-year-old female passenger were treated in hospital for concussion after the crash at 3.30am on Monday. 

“It’s alleged he’s come around the corner at speed, missed the corner and gone off the cliff. The car has rolled and come to rest by another vehicle on the road below.” 

It rolled down onto Marty’s Lane. 

The boy has been charged with careless driving. His blood will be analysed for excess alcohol.