Stolen light festival disco balls still missing 


“DICKHEAD” thieves have failed to return hundreds of dollars’ worth of gear nicked from Queenstown’s Luma Festival.

And it’s safe to say the boss of the trust behind the festival isn’t impressed.

Three disco balls that formed part of an exhibition were stolen from Queenstown Gardens during the light extravaganza, held from June 1-4.

The mirror balls were on loan, so the cost of replacing them had to come out of donations people made to the festival.

At the time of the theft, festival chairman Duncan Forsyth described the thieves as “mongrels”.

He issued a public plea for their return, or any information about their whereabouts.

After three weeks of radio silence, Forsyth still isn’t mincing his words.

“Everyone has dickhead moments, but when the weekend’s over, you know, bring them back.”

He says the trust had to fork out between $600-$800 to replace the stolen items.

At the time, he said, the trust doesn’t want to have to clamp down on access to the exhibits.

“So many people come to enjoy it, and a couple of mongrels ruin it.

“We want to make it super-accessible, we don’t want to have to rope exhibits off.”