Stink remains over sewerage scheme


A Glenorchy summit over a controversial sewerage scheme hasn’t swayed opponents.

A newly-formed society, Sustainable Glenorchy, has been formed to fight the scheme, which could cost each resident more than $18,000.

Group head John Glover says it could “bankrupt the town”.

Queenstown’s council met concerned residents yesterday morning but nothing was resolved.

Glover, who stood unsuccessfully for the council three years ago, says: “I wouldn’t say it was a listening meeting. There was quite a lot of rolling our eyes and shaking our heads to some of the options that were discussed.

“I am not sure we are any further forward.” 

Councillor Craig Ferguson says he’ll take all information from the community group on board.

“It was an extremely positive meeting.

“I was there as their representative and said to them I am there to support both sides of the camp.

“I have to look at everything with an open mind - that is my duty.” 

Earlier this week, Glover, the Glenorchy businessman who owns Kinloch Lodge, says the council is ignoring the interests of local residents and breaching statutory obligations.

In an emailed statement, Council chief engineer Ulrich Glasner disagree.

He confirmed a report would be presented at this month’s full council meeting when councillors would decide the “procurement option”. 

Glover fears the scheme’s budget might blow out and “bankrupt the town”.

He questioned the council’s decision to have an open tender for the scheme, saying it did not provide the best value for money.

“It is effectively proposing to ask the market what they want to deliver. That is quite different to getting what you actually want.

“We are concerned that the budget will blow out and we pay for something that is not fit for purpose, is overpriced and doesn’t actually deliver what the town wants.”

Otago Daily Times