Step by step sex


Cops were called to Base backpackers in Queenstown’s Shotover Street after a naked couple nodded off on the steps following an early-morning sex session.

A senior hostel staffer threw a bucket of iced water over an American woman and an Englishman, both aged 22, after initially failing to wake them up, constable Sean Drader says. It’s not known whether the amorous duo were inside or outside the building.

“The pair were highly embarrassed after they’d broken from their ‘zone of passion’ and realised the consequences of what could have happened,” Drader adds.

Base boss Matt Hirst shrugs his shoulders about the incident, which hap­­­­­­pened at 5am on December 2.

“That’s the sort of thing backpackers get up to on holiday. It’s the kind of stuff that happens all the time,” he says.