Star in our eyes


Queenstown Primary’s music teacher is swapping the classroom for an appearance on hit TV show Stars in Their Eyes.

Marc Hamilton beat off hundreds of hopefuls to be picked to perform on the copycat programme on Tuesday night.

But the talented 35-year-old musician will miss out on watching his own efforts – he’s playing a gig the same evening with top local band The Lynch Mob.

“I was looking forward to settling down in front of the TV with my family and seeing myself sing,” Hamilton says.

“But instead, I’ll be drumming with the group out at Millbrook so I’ll have to wait and watch a recording of the show a couple of days later.”

The married dad-of-one has been part-time music teacher at the Robins Road school for 15 months and also runs his own guitar school in Queenstown.

He’s not allowed to reveal who he’ll be on Stars in Their Eyes, except that it’s an international male singer who’s had success with a group and as a solo artist.

“I’m used to hiding behind a drum kit or a guitar but during filming I had to go out in front of the audience, grab a microphone and just rock out,” Hamilton explains.

“I had been practising in front of a mirror in the house for months using a broom handle for a mic stand.

“My five-month-old daughter Indiana just stared at me because she couldn’t understand what her dad was up to.”

He adds: “I made sure I closed the curtains over first because I didn’t want to look like a right nerd.”

Pupils at Queenstown Primary will also feature in the programme, during a sequence showing what Hamilton does for a living.

“About 50 of the kids were filmed singing in the playground and I’ll be reminding them at assembly on Friday to tune in on Tuesday and cheer me on.”

Hamilton insists he had no time to get nervous when his performance was shot in Auckland three weeks ago, as he was whisked straight from the airport to TV One studios for rehearsals.

“The next day I was put into a costume and a wig and before I knew it we were filming it for real.”

Hamilton – who has a solo gig at Dux de Lux tomorrow night – has already had a call of support from Queenstown singer Michelle Hopkirk, who appeared on Stars in Their Eyes last year as rocker Bonnie Tyler.

“Michelle phoned me to wish me the best of luck, which was nice and I’d like nothing better than to make it through to the final.

“It would certainly give the kids at school something to talk about.”

Stars in Their Eyes screens at 8.30pm on Tuesdays on TV One