St Paddy’s punch up


A Queenstown golf club manager was hospitalised afer allegedly picking the wrong guys to have a St Paddy’s Day punch up with. 

The 35-year-old Aussie was charged with common assault after being accused of punching a 22-year-old Irish barman in the face at MacDonald’s Cafe, Queenstown.  

But the Aussie himself was then allegedly knocked out cold by a roundhouse kick from the Irishman’s mate – a 23-year-old English digger driver. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “The golf club manager was hospitalised with cuts and bruises to his face and head.

“He appears to have punched one guy and then as it spilled outside he was allegedly kicked in the head.

“From the CCTV, he looks to be very drunk.”

The Aussie and Irishman face assault charges, whereas the Englishman is charged with injuring with intent to injure, after the incident at 4.45am on Sunday morning – the morning after St Paddy’s celebrations.

Elsewhere, police faced a relatively busy St Paddy’s Day as usual, dealing with drunks and scuffles.

A 22-year-old Irishman probably takes the award for the biggest party casualty of the day. He fell asleep in Prime Restaurant at about 10pm – even though he wasn’t a customer.

“He fell down the stairs on his way out and then peed his pants,” Drader says.

“He was extremely drunk and couldn’t say where he was meant to be, so he was detoxed.”

Officers also found a drunken 26-year-old woman, half-naked on the stairs at the Heritage Hotel at 5am that morning. She couldn’t say how she got there and was taken home to Marina Heights.

Across town 45 minutes earlier, in the Night and Day shop on Camp Street, a 36-year-old Queenstown business owner was arrested after allegedly punching a security guard.

He was restrained by two off-duty bouncers and also allegedly punched one of them. He faces two charges of common assault.

Offices also broke up fights at a taxi rank and outside Fergburger.