Spurned Queenstown lover fined for slapping ex-girlfriend


A jilted Queenstown lover who slapped his ex-girlfriend after learning about her new boyfriend has been convicted and fined $400.

Indian national Jagjeet Singh, 25, appeared in Queenstown District Court today for sentencing after pleading guilty to an assault charge yesterday.

Singh, a business development manager for a local adventure tourism company, had ended the relationship with his girlfriend three months prior to the incident on September 26, the court heard.

During the three-month period, Singh frequently texted his ex-girlfriend to ask if they could get back together. His ex eventually asked her mobile phone provider to prevent Singh from making contact.

On September 26 at 3.30pm, Singh went to the victim’s home address in Kelvin Heights, where she was home alone.

The woman saw him coming and shook her head at him to indicate she didn’t want him coming inside. He opened the sliding doors, entered the house and began to ask her about her new boyfriend.

Singh became upset and angry and slapped her in the face with an open right hand. She ran to her bedroom and he pursued her, continuing to argue with her.

She yelled at Singh to leave the property and told him she would call police. Singh later presented himself at the police station but told cops that his ex-girlfriend made up the allegation and that he went round to check on her because she wasn’t answering his calls.

Judge Michael Turner yesterday declined Singh’s application for a discharge without conviction.

“In my view you are yet to come to the realisation that the relationship is in fact over,” he says.

Judge Turner also issued a protection order for the victim because “it is necessary for her on-going protection”.

Singh’s lawyer Phena Byrne told the court yesterday he has no intention of contacting his ex-girlfriend.