Spate of burglaries


Queenstown police are reluctant to link a spate of burglaries in the town this week.
Thieves stole thousands of dollars in cash and an expensive TV in burglaries at two hotels on Saturday.
A cash box was stolen from a business and three homes were also broken into. 

Senior constable Sean Drader says: “We haven’t had any burglaries in a while and then there are a few at once.
“There are always some, it never goes away. It is possible they are linked but then probably not all of them.” 

One of the burglaries happened at Aspen Lodge on Gorge Road at 9pm on Saturday. Three males, who pretended to be staying there, jemmied a door open and stole $US2000 and some New Zealand cash. No description of the men is recorded on the incident brief. 

In the early hours of Saturday, thieves stole an 80cm plasma TV from a room at the Copthorne Hotel.
At 11pm that night, a Frankton Road homeowner returned from day tramping to find wine spilled on their floor. Bottles of wine and a laptop had been stolen. 

An hour later, an Earnslaw Terrace resident returned home to find someone had broken in and placed two of their jars and a rock in their shower. Nothing was taken. 

A small bright pink metallic box containing cash was stolen from behind the counter of the Skin Institute, in Remarkables Park, on either Saturday or Monday. 

And last Tuesday, someone stole an Olympus camera and a hard drive from a Gorge Road property. The owner reported it to police yesterday. 

Thanks for the tip 

One alleged thief who was arrested was a 23-year-old who is accused of helping himself to the Boiler Room staff tips jar. 

The man was arrested at 2.26am on Sunday. He had allegedly been standing at the bar with two friends when he reached over, took the tip jar, emptied the contents into his pocket and left. 

Drader says: “We found him later on in the night and when arrested he was also in possession of cannabis.”
You’re not coming in 

Police were also called to World Bar on Tuesday night after a drunken man allegedly kicked off after being refused entry. 

Sergeant Blair Duffy says: “This involves a 25-year-old local male who was refused entry due to his level of intoxication. 

“He allegedly returned a number of times and was abusive and aggressive towards staff, physically pushing door staff.” 

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour and is due to appear in Queenstown District Court in two weeks. 

The incident happened shortly after midnight. 

Keep bromance to yourselves 

Two rugby players ran away from a local shop after knocking over its lolly stand while wrestling with each other. 

The men, from a Southland Rugby Club, were in Night and Day on Camp Street, Queenstown, at 3am on Sunday. 

They were wrestling and knocked over a big case that holds lollies. It smashed and they ran off like naughty children. 

Boozed behind the wheel 

Officers also dealt with several alleged drink drivers over the week. 

A 19-year-old who lives in Arthurs Point blew 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.
The legal limit for over 20s is 400mcg but youngsters are not allowed to consume any alcohol and then drive. 

Duffy says: “Anything under 150 is dealt with by way of an infringement notice but over 150 results in prosecution.” 

A 50-year-old Fernhill woman was stopped on Lake Espanade at 12.19am on Friday because she did not have her headlights on. 

Drader says: “That’s pretty common.” 

The woman blew 667 and is likely to appear in Queenstown District Court charged with drink driving. Her licence has been suspended for 28 days.