Sparky knocks out man – then flees


An electrician will be sentenced in August after he admitted knocking a man unconscious in the early hours of January 31 - and then fleeing.

Robert Michael Mangan, 24, electrician, of Queenstown, admitting injuring Aaron Rice-Williams with intent.

The victim was left with concussion, lacerations to an eye and the back of his head and a hematoma on his neck.

Mangan’s situation has been made more complicated by the fact he was handed a suspended sentence in Australia last December over a reckless grievous bodily harm charge, stemming from an incident in 2012.

A warrant has since been issued for his arrest for breaching his release conditions.

Prosecuting sergeant Ian Collin says Mangan and Rice-Williams got into an argument in Church Street at 2.30am on January 31.

Mangan ran past a female to punch his victim twice to the back of his head - rendering him unconscious.

He fell to the pavement, striking his head hard.

Mangan then struck the victim twice more before being dragged away.

The victim was unconscious for about 30 seconds. Members of the public put him in the recovery position and waited until police arrived.

Mangan was chased by nearby security staff, but evaded them by hiding in a hotel near Queenstown Gardens.

He turned himself in after appeals for information in the media.

Initially Mangan stated Rice-Williams lunged towards a female and he had intervened.

When he was shown the CCTV footage, however, he declined to comment further.

Lawyer counsel Sonia Vidal says Mangan is unable to return to Australia to deal with the breach of release conditions because he does not have active visas.

His passport has been surrendered to police.

Vidal says Mangan did not know the Queenstown victim was unconscious and it was “not his intent to fight someone who was unconscious”.

Cook convicted Mangan and remanded him on bail to August 3 for sentencing, ordering a pre-sentence report over possible home detention.