Southland’s finest


Assault, theft, urinating in public, bottle throwing

Unwelcome visitors from Southland kept Queenstown cops busy over Labour Weekend.

A 28-year-old Winton man was arrested for assault at 2.30am on Mon­­-day after punching a bar patron and
an off-duty doorman at a CBD pub.

At 5.30am last Sunday, a 16-year-old Invercargill female on bail for a number of charges was collared for breach of curfew.

Two hours earlier, an 18-year-old male from Gore was done for two counts of theft after allegedly stealing a sign in Shotover Street and scarpering with it.

At 5pm last Saturday another Gore man, 25, was nicked for offensive behaviour after getting out of a car and urinating beside the Kawarau Falls bridge in front of a queue of waiting traffic.

And not long after that, a 17-year-old Invercargill youth was charged with wilful damage and disorderly behaviour after throwing bottles out of a Ford Falcon near the Devil’s Staircase on the road to Kingston.
A bottle hit another vehicle and smashed its front headlights.

“Police caught up with him in Frankton where he became fired-up and was a bit of a handful,” local constable Daniel Andrew says. “All in all, we certainly had a bunch of Southland’s finest up for the weekend. Of course, alcohol was a common factor in most of the incidents.”

Police swoop on druggies

Cops arrested three locals on drugs charges following the execution of recent search warrants.

At 9am last Thursday a man and a woman, both aged 29, were nabbed during a raid at an address in Kelvin Heights. “Police located a quantity of cannabis and both people were charged with possession,” Andrew says.
Last Saturday afternoon, a 17-year-old Queenstown male was also done for possession of drug-related utensils after a search warrant was obtained the previous week.

Visitor’s bad trip

A 24-year-old man from Auckland was charged with possessing LSD after being found out of his mind at a residential address in the resort at 4am last Saturday. “A friend of his called us because he was concerned the guy appeared to have been taking some of the stuff himself, was hallucinating and had lost the plot,” Andrew says.

“It seems to have been a bad trip for him in more ways than one.”

Dozy driver

A 41-year old Frenchman living in the resort was done for driving while disqualified after parking up in the carpark at Queenstown police station last Thursday.

“His application for Mensa is in the post,” Andrew observes.

On yer bike

A 26-year-old Queenstown man was arrested after being caught taking a wheel from a bicycle and throwing it into Lake Wakatipu at 2.20am last Sunday. “The bike was padlocked to a bar,” Andrew says. “He was restrained by members of the public until police arrived. Surprise, surprise – alcohol again appears to be a factor.”

Last Thursday 150 litres of diesel was reported as having been siphoned from a dump truck at the Shotover Delta. “The fuel cap was smashed,” Andrew says.

“It’s quite a lot of diesel to take away so we’d like to hear from anyone who may have seen something suspicious around that area in recent weeks.”